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Obligations to Pay Credit Card Bills

If you have a credit card and use it to make payment transactions, of course you have an obligation to pay credit card bills each month. The amount of the bill you must pay is listed on the Billing Statement which usually contains transaction details (expenditure and cash withdrawals), payments and other costs (if any). The billing sheet is sent by the credit card issuer to you each month according to the credit card billing statement date. Before making a payment, you should read the Billing Sheet thoroughly to check if the details and numbers match. After that, you can make a payment for the charge.

Considering Payment Time

The due date is the last date, where your payment should be received by the credit card issuing bank, and will always be shown on the Billing Sheet. Typically, credit card issuing banks are always reminded that bill payments are made several days (usually 2-3 days) before the due date. The reason is that you avoid a late penalty. Payments made through a variety of available channels take about 2-3 days to log in to a credit card account, and may take longer if there is a day off.

In addition to a late fee penalty, new bill payments coming past the due date will also result in you being charged a considerable interest in running. So, as a precaution, it helps you pay your credit card bill about 5 to 7 days before the due date.

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