Home Improvement Ideas Lighting Function

  1. Change Lighting

If the atmosphere of the house feels bleak, maybe all you need to do when renovating a house is just rearranging the lighting you have.

Combine the type of lamp according to the needs and style of the room, from the chandelier, the spotlight, to the reading lamp and the decoration lamp you have to maximize. Also pay attention to the color selection of lights when doing home renovations by adjusting them to the desired room atmosphere.

Make sure the position of these lights is also in accordance with its function, such as the chandelier is in the middle of the main room and a spot light that will highlight the wall decoration or other room decoration.

  1. Renovation of the All-White House

Sometimes it doesn’t need to be excessive when doing a home renovation. One easy and inexpensive way to renovate a house is to apply white to the entire space, so that the furniture in the house becomes more prominent.

If the plain white color makes you feel the room or house is too plain, you canĀ improveĀ home improvement ideas using other materials that have a dominant white color but enriched with patterns or other motifs, such as Carrara white marble stone or the use of textured white wallpaper.

The application of the renovation of the all-white house is most suitable for those of you who have a narrow space problem or a space with minimal light circulation, because the renovation of all-white houses will give a wider and brighter impression on the room.


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