What Should You Do if You Find Baby Bird Fall from Nest?

If you find birds (especially baby birds) that fall from their nests, you should understand what to do. This will depend on the age and health of the bird:

  1. If you find a baby bird, put it back to the nest if your children are removing it.
  2. If a baby bird has feathers all over its body, except under its wings, place it near the bushes or other enclosed areas and close to where you find them. Be careful not to put it near the red ant’s nest or your neighbor’s cat.
  3. If the bird is not hairy, try to find the nest to put it back.
  4. If you cannot find the nest, contact the savior of wildlife in your area. Many bird species are protected and you must have permission to maintain them. All bird species (except three species) are protected in Texas, USA. The wildlife rescuers may ask you to feed them with wet dog food for a day or two until they can pick it up. In addition, the pet store sells baby formula for baby birds.
  5. Most birds feed their babies; pigeons are the exception, baby pigeons take food from the mouth of their parents. If a baby pigeon is difficult to feed, look for a large enough injection so that the baby bird can suck it after you cut the front of the shot. Look at the way pigeon-making on the internet; feed needs slightly different.
  6. Birds that fall from the perch may have a problem called rickets caused by lack of food needs. Groups of nature lovers, the internet, or a breeding ground may be able to advice.

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