Don’t Choose the Wrong Runners Choice Shoes

Don’t Choose the Wrong Runners Choice Shoes
Don’t Choose the Wrong Runners Choice Shoes

Running and walking is an easy, cheap, and healthy sport. But if you choose the wrong shoes, it is not healthy, but the risk of a foot injury. Fortunately, both types of sports have become a lifestyle, so the market was easier for us to find the right footwear. Generally, sports-specific shops have special staffs that are knowledgeable about the right athletic shoes for your feet.

One independent way to recognize the shape of the sole of the foot is to do a “wet test”. Way, wet your feet, then step on the brown paper until the pattern appears the sole of your foot. If there is a low basin, then you need relatively flat shoes. If the soles of your feet have a high indentation, look for soft shoes with a soft sole in the middle.

According to, one should keep in mind is the size of your feet often changes. “Legs change with age, need to be measured twice a year,” she says, suggesting that if you want to buy shoes, you should do it at night, usually because of all day activities, your legs grow from afternoon to night.

Sports shoes should also be in accordance with orthotic legs. When used running or walking, shoes should be comfortable. Try to walk around the store to make sure that the shoe is comfortable.

In addition, use a practical rule about 3/8-1 / 2 inches between the front of the big toe and the shoe end and the area around the thumb. “The top of the shoe should also feel comfortable, not too tight,” he said. writes, athletic shoes are said to fit when the toes are free as you move. “Some running shoes look good on inside rather than outdoors,” the website expert said.

When should we change shoes? On average a pair of running shoes should be replaced after about 300-450 miles or 550-650 kilometers of use, “After the back of the shoe’s foot and the toe is uncomfortable, immediately replace your shoes with a new one.”

Overall, expert suggests some things when choosing running shoes:

-Don’t buy one shoe for various uses.

-Don’t buy stiff shoes when worn.

-Take some flexible running shoes.

– Look for shoes that have comfortable shoe pads.

– Just buy the right shoes for your feet. Branded shoes now offer many models that suit every type of foot.

-Buy shoes when the size of the legs enlarged