Choose and Maintenance Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Choose and Maintenance Rooftop Cargo Carrier
Choose and Maintenance Rooftop Cargo Carrier

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Rooftop cargo carrier made of iron is commonly used on off-road or SUV-type cars that have good frame strength to carry many items. Medium roofrack made from aluminum and plastic is usually applied to cars of type APV and city car cars because it is lighter so as not to burden the car. From when roofrack material above, the most popular is the roofrack made from plastic.

Usually for the installation of plastic roofrack linked to the gate of the car. For maintenance of the roofrack itself should roofrack is removed when not in use. Roofrack made of iron will be easy to rust when often exposed to rain water. While the plastic roofrack will be easily brittle and damaged if often dried in the sun. Treatment that is not less important is not to roofrack is used to transport the load exceeding the recommended capacity. If the rain roofrack would be nice after arriving at the destination roofrack is wiped.

A car that is not designed to have a rooftop cargo carrier would not be as strong as a car already in its function. Like the type of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) for example, would be different from the type of car Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). Cars that are not designed for roof rack is not strong or not burdened the roof. Which certainly will not be strong long and the load is not as big as other special cars such as SUV cars that are designed using roof rack, Land Cruiser for example.

However, the first thing to note is to see the security side when the car is running. When walking that car will look where strong or not. If not strong in construction, it is recommended not to use

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