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When you hear the word Bali, the holiday must be the main thing that is on your mind. How not, the Island of God is already known as “paradise” for the local and foreign tourists. For that reason, some people think Bali is quite expensive to be a holiday destination.

Well, now you do not have to worry anymore. The reason, there are many ways you can do in order to get a frugal holiday in Bali. Here are some information you should have known before go there.

Eat Delicious Foods plus Explore Beautiful Beaches

There are many unique and delicious culinary specialties of Lombok, such as satay, beef satay with Sasak typical seasoning, or puyung rye rice, rice with side dish of suwiran chicken meat processed with chilli, soybean, dried shrimp sprays, abon and eel fried, which you can find in Puyung Village, Central Lombok.

Not only the beach, has Lombok also had a hidden paradise worth to stop off. Especially if you are satisfied to explore the beaches in Lombok. The village of Tetebatu, the village at the foot of Mount Rinjani, can provide another side of Lombok for you.

The village of Tetebatu is 12 kilometers from the city of Mataram. To get to this village, you can use the bus from the main terminal of Mataram to Cutters. Arriving at Pauk Motong Market, continue your journey by using Cidomo, Lombok’s typical horse carriage, about two kilometers and less than half an hour.

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