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Round air knife is a simple solution for many clean long products Compressed air maintains a supply of compressed air at up to 7 bar (R) humidity at an inlet evenly distributed in a circular plenum Can be used for. The expanding air blows through a narrow gap at an angle of 30 °. The main air current moves cleanly along the surface to be kneaded along the surface to be kneaded. Increase the sound pressure of the main air flow passing through the surrounding air. If the flow of air is combined, 360o closed loop is formed and the exposed object / product is deleted.

The correct choice depends on the partially required inner diameter and operating conditions (regardless of active environment and / or company rules). Advantages of circular air knife: uniform air flow 360o, segment adjustable, infinitely adjustable flow rate, infinitely adjustable discharge speed, no physical contact with material, split design, compact design and traditional Method (including hole tube) When looking at the comparison, air consumption will be less. It is rather low.

When should we use an air knife ?

When using an air knife, it is necessary to pay attention to the removal of dust and liquid. Please observe all health and safety issues. The liquid material is removed and a spray is formed. Air turbulence can result in unnecessary vapor deposition. Observe the possibility of adequate shielding and drying and release of liquid material.

Since air knife does not have moving parts, maintenance is not necessary. However, the blower must pass clean air! Please use the appropriate inlet filter. In order to minimize pressure loss, it is necessary to adjust the size of the connecting pipe correctly.

Support for dirt removal can be additionally applied with ionization bar. These strips can neutralize the static electricity of board, web, and other flat materials. High voltage generates the electric field required at the end of the static bar. This converts the molecules of air around the launch site into anions. It prevents dust particles from adhering due to neutralization of electrostatically charged material.

Static bar points are vibrating and can be touched safely. Electrostatic removal: Remove static electricity just before the final production stage. Dry winter air increases the static electricity of products and equipment. Static electricity not only gives unnecessary vibration to workers, but also degrades the quality of finished products.