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We have been talking about some types of fruits that contain high levels of Vitamin C, and know little benefit and function of the fruits in general. Here we will do a detailed description of the benefits of Vitamin C in general to our body. The function of Vitamin C in general is to help the body to control all the organs of the body in order to remain stable and have a good immune system.

Benefits of Vitamin C for our body, among others:

  1. Becoming a disease-preventing drug and fight cancer cells

Against cancerous substances is one of the main benefits of Vitamin C itself. Vitamin C is asked as a vitamin substance that is toxic to cancer. Vitamin C is a vitamin that works to increase the human body, then cancer cells will not be able to grow if our immune system awake

  1. Improve skin cell network

Vitamin C is a vitamin containing antioxidant substances also in it. This antioxidant substance is needed by human skin health in general. Antioxidant itself is a substance that serves to remove or counteract free radical substances that exist in our skin. Free radicals themselves are substances that arise from excessive sun exposure, the number of foods containing toxin, and air pollution. In addition, Vitamin C can help inhibit cells that are a sign of aging and can prevent premature aging.

Vitamin C Benefits can Also Improve Immunity and Heart Health

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The Importance of PointClickCare Financial Management

Sinusitis is commonly called inflammation or inflammation of the sinus wall and is a disease commonly caused by viral infections. The sinus itself is a small cavity filled with air that lies behind the cheekbones and forehead. Sinus infection symptoms are often noticeable, but sinusitis management can actually be done at home.

Usually the patient does not need to see a doctor if you have symptoms of mild sinusitis. This is because the cause of sinusitis, will generally disappear by itself about 2-3 weeks.

The sinus pain occurs because of an infection that causes the mucous membranes in the nose and sinuses to become inflamed. When inflamed, the mucous membrane will swell then block the discharge of fluid from sinus to nose and throat. Microorganisms can develop in sinuses that cannot flow properly.

Some simple handling to reduce the pain due to sinusitis that you can do yourself at home, among others:

Drink plenty of water

If you have sinus problems, multiply drinking water or fruit juice. Liquid intake can thin the mucus and help remove it. As much as possible reduce caffeine. Drinks containing caffeine or alcohol can cause dehydration. Alcohol can also increase swelling of the sinuses.

Wash your nose

Handling commonly called nasal irrigation can help keep the sinus clean. To start, make a salt solution consisting of one liter of lukewarm hot water and one teaspoon of salt. Some people also add half a teaspoon of baking soda to minimize the taste of salt. This solution is then put into the neti pot (can be purchased at the pharmacy), but you can also use a small carafe at home.

Make sure the neti pot or pitcher is clean. Then lean against the sink, tilt your head and pour the salt solution into one of the nostrils. Let the solution flow out through the other nostrils. Under these conditions, use your mouth to breathe.