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BMW X7 2018 car release dates

BMW X7 2018 car release dates
BMW X7 2018 car release dates

You still remember with some pictures showing a SUV concept called BMW X7? Yep, digital image of the prospective flagship SUV BMW has been on the air since a few months ago. And the latest news we receive is even more than just a digital image, because the BMW has officially spit out the latest teaser from BMW X7 2018 car release dates that is still hidden

Yep, large SUV that will occupy the position above the BMW X5 is indeed newly stocked his teaser. But unlike other manufacturers who usually provide disguises with dark backgrounds, or impressions that make other curious, the BMW instead acted otherwise. BMW X7 is in the teaser in the form of this picture instead of his headlamp show with the background of BMW assembly plant. What does it mean? Obviously, BMW shows that it is ready to produce the full size luxury SUV in the near future.

And from this picture too, looks the main light of the BMW X7, which has a shape similar to the concept version. The habit of this German manufacturer who is able to make the car production version as similar as possible with the concept version seems to also apply in this BMW X7. The BMW plant in Spartanburg is honored to pre-manufacture the BMW X7 for the first time for product displays. For when it launches, some foreign media claim that BMW X7 is expected to appear at the end of 2018. Knudt Flor, head of BMW Group Spartanburg says that the BMW X7 is a special car.

Employees at the BMW Spartanburg plant are also enthusiastic enough to produce the latest and greatest generation in the BMW X Series. The pre-production of the BMW X7 will be used for homologization and regulatory models, as well as endurance tests involving conditions with extreme weather. From the picture, it appears that BMW X7 will have LED lights with beautiful LED DRL, as well as grille typical of BMW, double engine which size is very big, In addition, the use of chrome components will also frame the grille and also a sweetener in the horizontal bumper.

BMW X7 will be a rival equivalent to Mercedes-Benz GLS and also Range Rover Velar, and to face rivals that have been previously paved, of course champion of this BMW will be equipped with some contemporary features, and powerful engine.

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