Month: August 2018

Asthma can indeed attack anyone, including children and parents. But that does not mean we cannot make efforts to prevent asthma. Many positive things we can do to avoid asthma. The following are various asthma prevention measures:

  1. Maintaining environmental conditions – If you already have allergies to dust, make your home or work environment clean – Avoid the causes of asthma such as dust and always use a mask to protect the respiratory tract from dust.
  2. Use air conditioning (AC) – If you live in an environment that is too humid, then use air cooling or air conditioning. Air conditioning can make the environment more comfortable and avoid exposure to dust, mold and causes of asthma.
  3. Avoid raising animals – Animals like dogs and cats can indeed be very loyal friends. But if you have allergies to animal hair, do not keep animals in a home environment.
  4. Exercise regularly – Exercise is one way to keep the body healthy and prevent the body from the risk of asthma. Various types of exercise that are very good for avoiding asthma attacks are swimming, running and gymnastics.
  5. Maintain weight – Having an ideal body weight and not overweight will prevent the body from asthma. In addition, being overweight or obese greatly affects the health of the body.
  6. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol – The dangers of smoking and alcohol can be asthma triggers because they contain special chemicals that can enter the body and attack the respiratory organs.

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