Month: January 2018

Create interface for Android Games Cheat. When creating an interface, it’s usually best to do it on a new layer. This is because the interface rarely moves or changes, so it’s better to put it on a locked layer. In the Properties frame for the new layer, set “Parallax” at 0. This will hold the layer shifted as the screen moves.

Add a variable. There are two types of variables in Construct 2: instance variables and global variables. This lets you create values ​​for your objects and games, such as health, time limits, scores, and more.

Use text boxes and variables to create your interface. You can set your text box to display health, scores, ammo or anything that players need to see on a regular basis.

Test and revise your game. Now that you have multiple objects on screen with events and behavior, you can start testing and adding content. Click the “Play” button above the screen to help and test the game. Write down anything that does not work, and try to fix it so that your game can be played and fun.

Export your game. If you are satisfied with your game, you can export it to be uploaded to the website and played by anyone. To export the game, click on ” ‘File’ ” and select “Export”. Save the project to a location that you can easily find

Publish the game. There are several sites that allow you to upload HTML5 games for others to play. You can also add games to your own website. See this guide for details on uploading games to your own website.

If you’re more interested in learning the code behind Flash games, you can use Flash Builder and ActionScript3 code to create games. This will take longer but can result in a more unique experience. See the program guide in ActionsScript3.

Give homage to any source where you pick up ideas and content, and on whoever helps you make the game.